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Kin to legendary songwriter Stephen Foster, Courtney is a strong voice in the roots community. She is the Founder and Editor of Turnstyled Junkpiled Music Magazine, which she started after moving to Los Angeles in 2010. Courtney has contributed to No Depression, Lone Star Music Magazine, Texas Music Magazine, and Buffalo, NY-based JAM Magazine.


She has written features on Ryan Bingham, Guy Clark, Terry Allen, Rodney Crowell, Radney Foster, Dale Watson, and Wanda Jackson, among others.

She the author of the forthcoming book, Live Forever: The Songwriting Legacy of Billy Joe Shaver (Texas A&M University Press).

More info at: shaverliveforever.com


Courtney S. Lennon writes like words and melodies haunt her blood. She finds diamonds between the cracks and immediately digs them up. Anyone can recycle names from top forty charts, but Courtney tells you what you need to know before you even know it. Listen. You'll be grateful.

Brian T. Atkinson (Author, I’ll Be Here In The Morning: The Songwriting Legacy of Townes Van Zandt and The Messenger: The Songwriting Legacy of Ray Wylie Hubbard)

Courtney’s passion for music is on display at turnstyledjunkpiled.com and that makes it one of my favorite destinations for roots music news. Courtney’s work is insightful, illuminating and turnstyledjunkpiled.com is the most graphically stylish digital magazine on the web. I love it.


Tamara Saviano (Author, Without Getting Killed or Caught: The Life and Music of Guy Clark)

Writer/publisher Courtney S. Lennon has taken the lead in the Americana scene through the founding of roots music magazine, Turnstyled Junkpiled. Her publication style has been consistently inventive and often inspired. Her articles, interviews and editorials have proved to be original, daring, engaging and probably comes as close as anyone in this generation will see of the glory days of Lester Bangs.

Terry Paul Roland (San Diego Troubadour, FolkWorks, No Depression)

Courtney writes about the music world with intelligence and passion.  Her knowledge of American music history and of its evolution to the present day is smart, insightful and informed; and her emotional connection draws me in.


Gary Austin (Founder of the Groundling Theatre)

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Novel| Where Dreams Never Die 


Steph Foster, a young music journalist based in Los Angeles, goes down a path of self-destruction and discovery, as she stumbles through the vast landscape of American roots music, while battling mental illness and alcoholism. When she is sent to interview a legendary L.A. musician, she is forced to confront emotions she avoided her entire life. As she encounters an array of disingenuous characters, she questions the authenticity of the relationships she’s built and the music she covers. In a city she has growing disdain for, Steph goes on a quest to find the good in the environment that surrounds her. Through her passion for music, loss and loneliness, she begins to unravel the possibility of self-acceptance, happiness and love in a city where people will do anything, to achieve their dreams

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