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About Courtney

      Courtney S. Lennon grew up outside Buffalo, New York, and studied Philosophy at the University at Buffalo. Following graduation, she moved to Los Angeles where she was taught and directed by Groundlings founder Gary Austin. Courtney performed in several of his troupes and credits him for helping her find her voice and courage as a writer, along with her passion for Texas music.

     In 2011 Courtney started online music magazine Turnstyled, Junkpiled named after the Townes Van Zandt song. She is the author of Live Forever: The Songwriting Legacy of Billy Joe Shaver (Texas A&M University Press), a book which according to Rolling Stone "aims to illustrate Shaver’s often unsung impact on country music." She currently lives in Buffalo, New York and is working on various projects within the arts.

"Courtney writes about the music world with intelligence and passion.  Her knowledge of American music history and of its evolution to the present day is smart, insightful and informed; and her emotional connection draws me in."


Gary Austin (Founder of the Groundling Theatre)


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